Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Library & Term Reference?

Thank you all for your views and comments, they are very encouraging.

Soon I hope to post my library of woodworking books. These are what I have been gleaning a lot of knowledge from. I'll probably make it a tab at the top of the page, so myself and others can easily reference it. I plan on taking pics of the books and posting them that way. This will be a trial by fire in posting photos with captioning, so this could be interesting.

Of course blogs have also been a huge influence. I would love to share what the 60+ blogs are that I try to follow but I don't know how to do that efficiently. I'm mostly looking for a way to share them without hand typing them all in and adding in link for each (yea that would suck). if anyone knows how to do this with Google Blogger, PLEASE let me know!

I've also thought about trying to compile a list of woodworking terms and the Japanese word(s) equivalent. I am not proclaiming that I have instantly become fluent in Japanese nor mastered any form of the craft of woodworking, far eastern or western. It is just me trying to compile terms that us english speaking woodworkers would (for some reason) want to know what a term is in Japanese. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this. I was thinking of doing this as a link to a Google Drive file but I don't want to have to make 2 or 3 mouse clicks to get to this, so I might have to constantly edit that post every now and then as I continue to come across them. If anyone has suggestions for this too, please send them my way. But would anyone even want to have access to something like this? Let me know in the comment section below.

Also, I may not be posting very much for some time. I desperately need to finish my thesis from grad school. It has been a year and a half since I finished the program but I never did complete the paper. Now I have to early summer to be done for good, but my wonderful wife wants me to finish before winter is out (EEKKK!)

Until next time.

Friday, November 23, 2012

First blog post EVER!

Well not the first blog post to ever happen, just my first post ever.

My hope is that this will be a place where I post things that really interest me. Most of the time they will be woodworking oriented, but I'm definitely not going to limit entries to that. I'm very interested in design, house building sciences, photography, technology, plus many other things.

In regards to woodworking, I'm mostly interested in handwork, start to finish. Yes I know I'm crazy. Don't worry it gets weirder, I am hoping to use as much Japanese style tools and methods as I can. So far, I've been trying to gaining as much knowledge as I can. But this alone is turning out to be quite the challenge for a white guy originally from Upstate New York, now living in he heart of Cajun country of southern Louisiana, who also can't speak or read a lick of Japanese (definitely an uphill battle). So books and blogs in English are really the only sources I have so far. In future posts I plan to share the contents of my library.

To those who have noticed, I've been using future tense. That's because I presently don't have a handtool shop. I do have an shed that I hope to insulate, power (for AC 8/9 months of the year, a little heat during the winter and some lights of course), then eventually fill with tools and wood to start building things. I've posted some of what I presently have on my Google+ page but I'll post more here.

So I plan on posting here as my interest is peeked by different things, make progress or have questions in building a functioning workshop. Though I intend this blog to a place where I post about some of the things above, I have been given this passion, knowledge and abilities by my Creator, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so I will not be filtering my relationship with Him out. If I end up not having any followers or even make unfriendly connections because of that, so be it. If you are so easily offended by my relationship with my Lord, then you got some issues to figure out.

I think this is enough for the first post. So if anyone wants to contact me, please feel free to use Google+, Twitter, or email. But please comment on posts, they will definitely help me stay motivated to keep writing more here.

Hmm, I gonna need a closing catch phrase.